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Nishtha Berry

Nishtha Berry (born on 4th November, 1996) is currently pursuing her second year in English Honours from University of Delhi. She completed her schooling from Amity International School (Delhi). Her passion for writing began when she was in her 10th grade. She once asked her father to buy her a journal and then she began to write about her life experiences. Soon from writing about her life she began devouring matters concerning others and began writing about people and their struggles. "Spilling the truth" is her debut book which focuses on aspects concerning the human race. She is a truth seeker and a truth speaker and through her books she wishes to help people. With the completion of this book she is looking forward to publish her second book which focuses on more serious and bold topics.

Books Released

1. Spilling The Truth (Non-Fiction) View Store
2. The Midnight Brew (Non-Fiction) View Store

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