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Nitin Srivastava

He is basically an engineer and working at the post of Asst. Professor in an engineering college. He has started writing as his hidden thirst, as he was interested in writing from the beginning but, not got the time before, because, he had decided to make a career in engineering. After achieving that career he decided to fulfill his thirst and started writing. 'The God Factor – For Success and Contentment' was his first book. He has interest in writing on the topic of spirituality and motivation. Spirituality is always his basic quest and that is why he is very much interested in spirituality. This book which he is writing is also basically concern with spirituality.

Books Released

1. I am Not Nitin (Non-Fiction) View Store
2. The God Factor for Success and Contentment (Non-Fiction) View Store
3. The God Factor for Success and Contentment - Hindi Translation (Non-Fiction) View Store

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