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Nitish Anirudh

Nitish Anirudh is a last year graduation student who lives in a small city, Ranchi, and is trying to make his way to writing. So he has shared his thoughts, experiences and different point of views so that the readers can see the world with his eyes. At the age of 23, he has seen the world turning upside down; he had been through failures in his life and had a pretty tough way of surviving. He had seen people turning against him and had lost some close ones too, but with his every mistake and fall, he has only learnt to make more mistakes, because he believes that one can learn something only by one's own mistakes. He doesn't know whether his book will be appreciated among readers, but he is ready to commit one more mistake. He is not a high profile guy or has good back ground, but he is a simple and normal guy with dreams. From one of his thoughts, he would like to share a quote, "There is only one way to deal with backstabbers, never turn your back to them."

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