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Obaid Majeed

Obaid Majeed is a 17 year bemused and indecipherable poet who oft seeks the vent for his roil of storms, inside his soul, through the spillage of words. He has recently qualified his higher secondary studies in Mathematics stream from Tyndale Biscoe School, Srinagar Kashmir. He is a wanna-be 'Classical language influentiar' that he finds degrading in the current epoch and only left to the parchments. His articles are published in South Asian Pulse, a worldwide magazine and also in other online magazines and local newspapers. He has been writing now since a year and wishes to veil all the readers with his each heartfelt word and whole-souled spaces in between. This is his debut book and he always wishes that your critiques to find a way to him.

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1. The Mystical Vengeance (Poetry) View Store

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