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Piyush Singh

Piyush Singh, an alumni of NIFT Mumbai, is the Founder and CEO of Meraki Inc., an International award winning production house who started writing professionally at the mere age of 16. By the age of 20, he already had over 500 poems and articles published in an english daily with one of poems fetching him a letter of appreciation from none other than Dr. Abdul Kalam, former President of India. After working for over 12 years in the industry where he worked with leading TV channels and renowned music artists, Piyush moved back to his hometown, Lucknow, in the year 2013 where he started teaching nuances of photography and film making to under privileged children and school kids and in this pursuit he kept meeting like minded people which in turn lead to the formation of the production house that now caters to some of the biggest names from music industry and other known brands, with their multidisciplinary approach.

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1. Into The Oblivion (Poetry) View Store

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