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Poulomi's Abode

"Poulomi's Abode" is the pen name of the Author "Poulomi Mukherjee Reddy" commonly called as "Poulomi or Pauli" who tries her best to enforce the thrust of motivation through her daily quotes, unmanned poems, and writing. She was born to a Bengali family in New-Delhi, India. Amidst, the birth of technologies, she always remained glued to the books. Unlike other children of her age, she did not bother much about playing, rather developed an intense love for books and education. At a very young age, she considered writing as her hobby and passion. Belonging to a typical conservative Indian family, Poulomi never thought of doing something beyond the high technical jobs and hence took up Engineering as a primary stream qualification and later on started her career as a "Teacher" post her graduation. Meanwhile, she continued writing poetry during her free time. After she graduated in Bachelor of Engineering from Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak, she took up Masters of Business Administration in Information Technology and alongside pursued Bachelor of Education from the same University. Later, she joined TU-Chemnitz, in Germany to receive her Master of Science degree in Information and Communication Systems. Poulomi was born to Mr. Somdeb Mukherjee, an Engineer and an Entrepreneur by profession and Mrs. Gouri Mukherjee, a strong and contended home-maker. She had learned from her parents and her Grandfather "Mr. P.G. Mukherjee", to have a strong survival instinct in case of adversities. Faithful to that, she always believed her instincts and emerged as a strong independent woman. Various ups and downs had made her struggle her way through abysmal failures, but standing up back every time she had fallen had become her engraved passion. Later she got married to her love Mr. Baddam Ayushman Reddy in a pure Bengali styled wedding. Writing as Passion:- Her immense love towards poetry never took a backseat, and her continuous trial and errors as a technical person made her once again believe in the fact that she is not someone who is made for the "Technical World" of Engineers. She finally moved on and started chasing her dreams and created her pen name "Poulomi's Abode." She relied on herself even after many strong oppositions from people around her and continued writing. The journey she traveled from being an "Amateur Writer" to "marking her existence" had been in itself quite motivating.

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