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Prakrami Sharda

Prakrami Sharda is a versatile child. He is 16 years old, Born on March 16th 2001. Since his early days he has been very inquisitive about anything and everything. While he was studying in class 6, he studied Mahabharata in his school curriculum and absorbed it thoroughly. One fine day it struck him that in the epic of Mahabharata, the character of Eklavya has not been justified and thereby he glorified the character of Eklavya in his maiden book, "The Unflinching Legend– Story of Eklavya". Prakrami is a boy who enjoys his childhood very much. He plays football and basketball. He is an avid learner of Judo-Karate and has won many laurels in interstate and inter-school karate championships. He is first degree Brown belt holder and soon to be a Black belt in Karate. He loves listening to music and enjoys travelling. He is a very helpful and caring child who has a keen interest in a number of art forms, including singing.You can follow him on instagram account:- @prakramisharda

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1. The Unflinching Legend - The story of Eklavya (Fiction) View Store

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