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Prateeksha Malik

Prateeksha Malik is an Indian Author. Born on January 17th, this 21 year old has always been creatively inclined. She believes, "Writing is something that comes from your soul. Every emotion has a variety of words to describe them. And with the right emotions, words just stick to me like a magnet to metal." Miss. Malik has obtained a Finance degree from Amity University, in 2015, with an excellent GPA, Exploring her creative mind, this awakened soul excels as a vocalist, an artist and a photographer as well. Her love for animals began as a child, and she wishes to establish an NGO for the welfare of the same. Risen from the Ashes: The Phoenix, is an adaptation of personal experiences and spiritual awakening.

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1. Risen From The Ashes: The Phoenix (Fiction) View Store

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