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Preeti Jaiswal

Preeti is a registered rehabilitation therapist who is working for children with special needs. She is working in a reputed school in Delhi as a special educator as she is qualified to teach and train children with developmental disabilities. She is associated with NGOs and child development centres where she helps parents to cope up with stress. She conducts counselling sessions and training workshops for parents and young professionals who are working in the field of disability. Her goal is to empower the children with special needs and to support their parents. Take a flight: A handbook for legible handwriting is her first book as an author. She writes books to solve the queries as she understands that a single strategy cannot help every child and each child has unique strengths and different ways of learning. She believes that writing her experiences in the form of systematic approaches might help children who are struggling with difficulties.

Books Released

1. A Snap of Math - Mainstream Approach to Help Children with Dyscalculia (Academic) View Store

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