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Priya Gaikwad

I'm Priya A Gaikwad, a first time author; Prison Diaries is my first book. I have studied mass media for five years which encouraged me to read more books. As I read books the craving to write books increased and so I began my writing journey. I have written five short stories and two novels. Apart from writing, teaching has always been my passion. Currently, I'm teaching Bachelors of Mass Media as a visiting faculty. My favorite books are Lolita, Harry Potter Series, Unaccustomed Earth, Hunger Games Series, Kite Runner, Clockwork Orange, Shopaholic Series, and many more. Currently, I'm reading Game of Thrones: Song of Ice and Fire.

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1. Prison Diaries - How Dare She be a Woman and Have Dreams of Freedom? (Fiction) View Store

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