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Priya Sahu

I am Priya Sahu born in 1998 in village Murma, Ranchi,I am from a middle class family My mother is gov worker and House wife too, who is my legend also my life my mom. I want to be as my mom independent responsible and want to live a billion of years with my love. I never think that I am a girl and cannot do this work I cannot purchase bear or I cannot wear shorts cannot do late night party beside this I have done all the work as girl are not allowed to do I have complete graduation from Marwari College Ranchi. Actually I am not a professionally writer But the frustration and my anger let me to write whenever I was alone give my all frustration to the white pages and this makes me a writer I am a girl who speak and laugh very loudly who speak without caring of people and finally I heard the real story of a girl who say that she “HATE BOYS “ but then also she felt in love.

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1. A Girl Says I Hate Boys then also She is in Love (Non-Fiction) View Store

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