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Dr. Punit Middha

Puneet Midha, a doctor by profession, is a writer who started writing randomly. After his first sheyari, someone said jokingly, jhola chhap sheyar likhte ho. He took that statement to the heart and here he is with a book on shayari on his name. He is a poet of different genre. He doesn’t know boundaries in writing. From writing most romantic shayari with simplest of words, he can write in Hinglish as well as rap shayari. Once you start reading, you won’t stop without completing. From funny to romantic, he has it all. A complete poet of romanticism. His wife, Samriti Midha, also a doctor by profession, is also writer. She writes mostly two liners. This husband-wife duo is completely opposite in nature. She as well as has written a book.

Books Released

1. Feelings Ka Nasha (Poetry) View Store

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