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Rajeshwar Prasad

The author of the book, Dr. Rajeshwar Prasad is a famous personality, a renowned educationist, an economist as well as a social worker. He was instrumental in the establishment of a degree college in Balrampur, Katihar, Bihar, the district which is recognized as one of the most backward district of the state. He was the founder principal of the degree college and served the institution without taking any remuneration for as long as 23 years. A strong believer, he started the institution from Zero and taken the institution to the utmost height. Establishment of Degree College in the area was a challenge as it was being established by common people for the betterment of the society and for the future of students of the area. During the period he had to face various challenges on every front i.e., on social, educational as well as on pollitical front and he had successfully countered all the challenges. Apart from that the author was fond of travelling and during his life span he has travelled through length and breadth of the country. It was a pleasant experience that was shared by the authour in the book.

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1. Mera Jeevan – Aatm Katha Ek Aam Aadmi Kee (Non-Fiction) View Store

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