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D Rajeshwar Rao

I never thought of becoming an author, it’s my one year of unemployment, which made me think about writing a novel. A few years back, one of my friends said that our group doesn’t have any creative person. We all are working like machines sales, marketing, accounting and so on. So I started writing within a few days I got my story thanks to my friend’s suggestions. People can say it’s easy to write a novel, but it’s easy to start but to complete it, is a big task and I completed my first task second task for me is to reach the peoples who believe in their first love and I am sure they will find their love story in my book. I completed my primary and middle schooling from EMMS 5, then secondary education from SSS 4, and senior secondary from happy public school. I am not good in studies and changed 3 colleges to complete my graduation. Presently I am working at Shri Venkatesh (stock broker services India Pvt .Ltd) as a sales executive.

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1. My Shadow - If You Loved Once (Fiction) View Store

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