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Ranjan Kumar

Ranjan kumar, born in a remote village of Bihar, He fetched his elementary education even after encountering so many challenges and hardships he made it till end. After his higher secondary, he took admission for B.Sc in a College and with his best, he got remarkable 99% percent of marks with Math's Honors 1st year but due to some deadly circumstances he was forced by his greedy family for the sake of traditional heavy money in dowry to join Indian Air force, leaving his higher education in between, which he cleared just to see where he stands in the crowd. While joining Air Force it was signed to be bound for 20 years & In this period he cleared so many private as well as Govt. sector top most jobs including print & electronic media but due to bound he was not allowed to leave Air Force. In between he pursued his higher education. He took VRS and decided to serve humanity to take care that no student should face the problems what he did & started counseling. He established AR Group of Institutions for this & presently working as CEO and Chairman of institutions to serve the society for his social cause. As a freelancer he is active as a writer & media professional. He has sound knowledge of Philosophy & Psychology. As a counselor he helped many students to bring out his best & helped many to come back in life by selfless services.

Books Released

1. Anugunj (Poetry) View Store
2. Ek Aasman Mera Bhi - Sajha Kaavy Sanklan (Poetry) View Store

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