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Raveena Mital

Raveena Mital is a 24-year-old girl who is a Certified Public Accountant from Australia and has obtained the Juris Doctor Law degree and BBA Accounting & Finance degree from Hong Kong. Despite being professionally entwined in the area of accountancy and law, she has always had (and still has) a passion for writing. This work, :"Lost", in-fact initially conceptualized in her mind when she was only 13 years old. As a budding writer, she wrote the entire manuscript by hand and then typed it into a readable piece. But she decided not to publish it right away, as she was still raw in the language. Instead, Raveena worked hard to polish her skills over the years. This book, specifically, is written to enthrall readers on the true essence of a parent-child relationship. "Although all parents, for the well-being for their children, work hard to ensure them financial security throughout, it is necessary to understand that sometimes children value something more than simply having an additional piece of bread on their plate: that is their parents' time. Hence, though financial needs are very important, parents are encouraged not to make too big a trade-off for them with regards to their time. As we know, time never comes back!" Regardless of this book's outcome, writing stays her passion. Raveena continues writing and publishing her work in various fields including literature, poetry, business platforms, and community magazines. After all, a pen is a thousand times more powerful than a sword!

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1. Lost - As Time Never Comes Back… (Fiction) View Store

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