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Ravi Kumar 'Mahaur'

The author RAVI KUMAR 'MAHAUR' was born at a village 'RAIBHA' in district AGRA UTTER PRADESH. His father's name is Phool Chand Mahaur and his mother's name is Kalawati Devi. He has done B.A. with Hindi and a diploma with Electronics Engineering. Now he is a worker in 'CASE NEW HOLLAND CONSTRUCTION' company. He has an interest for writing since his childhood. He wrote an essay and a poem at the age of twelve that was published in the magazine of college. He got first position in a enterprise 'Slogan Writing Competition' by Indian Government and he was honoured by wearing a medal. Today he has carved his interest in form of "ALONE GIRL" for that the author has to face so many problems. Now the author has one dream that he wants to do something for his country and his creation will be dedicated to the India.

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1. Alone Girl - A Motivational Love Story for All Students (Fiction) View Store

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