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Ruchira Banerjee

Miss Ruchira Banerjee is a freelance writer by profession. She had a penchant for writing since her childhood. But she never thought of taking writing as her profession. Writing was a hobby for her. Ruchira Banerjee took up advertising job after her graduation and couple of diploma courses in Public Relations and Advertising. Then, she was in teaching line for few years. But she wanted to do something different. Time kept on moving and Ruchira met with a personal tragedy. The tragedy was the premature death of her mother. Ruchira is an introvert person and her only friend was her late mother. So, naturally after this tragedy she was completely broken. But, again this tragedy inspired her to pen her first novel. Ruchira feels very relaxed when she writes. This novel is her first attempt and she hopes that everyone will like it.

Books Released

1. Some 14 Odd Years - Fragile Love or Intense Friendship (Fiction) View Store

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