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Rupinder Singh

"Kabhi Aaoge Mere Sheher To...." is purely work of heart... emotions and lessons that life has made me to learn. Born in a sikh family, but following no religion except for love of humanity. It’s tough....really tough, but this craziness is what keeps me going. "Rupi" is name given by friends and loved ones... gas now been takhallus to my creations. Life gives you... What you never expected to have. And it takes away from you... What you never imagined to live without. Unable to show emotions... Allows words to germinate in soil of heart and then irrigate try them to become... Dense trees of poetry. Though a maths and science teacher, from past 15 years almost, it’s equally amazing to be a poet also. Blessings of almighty are immense. Spender first ten years of life in kharar, Punjab... Then moving on to chandigarh in 1990. Great transformation. Studying B.Sc from prestigious DAV college, then B.Ed. are great milestones in life. Then studying MSc environmental scirnces has helped me to understand nature-both scientifically and emotionally. It’s my first book and encouragement from friends and some of best poets i have read were amazing. Most of known ones dont knows that i actually write. I wish and hope to write poetry till last breath, and pray that readers understand and find themselves in my words. Gustaakhi maaf ji, Rabb raakha...

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