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Sachin Mittal

With his revolutionary thoughts and actions Sachin Mittal is transforming the way financial investment is being looked upon in the new age. This revolutionary outlook was acquired after having worked for a decade with ICICI Bank as their corporate channel partner and also with different NBFCs. During his tenure with ICICI Bank he developed a stupendous portfolio of over Rs. 5000 crores of retail home loans. Many those days believed he had become larger than the bank itself It was during this journey he came in contact with the bigwigs of the financial and corporate sector, the rich and the influencers, and this gave him an insight not only into how people acquired wealth but also how they lose it, equally fast. He was quick to realize that traditional financial processes were not built for the modern business economy. Therefore, he is embracing more strategic, agile and responsive financial investment modules, in-line with the changing times. Shining example of the open economy He is busy bringing about a paradigm shift in financial thoughts as he believes that the knowledge of the last 200 years on the subject is not relevant anymore. A leading entrepreneur, author, thinker and a poet, Sachin is making his compatriots change their concepts and thoughts about financial investment. After having studied both engineering and art, he has become a shining example of the new age economy and operates on a global scale. His experiences soon brought the realization that in order to succeed in today's business environment, it was necessary to shift from the old, outdated models of money making to new techniques keeping in mind the ever-changing and fast-paced new business age. Sachin operates globally and his business success is as much an outcome of his business and financial acumen as it is about his ability to adapt to changing circumstances. He is a true representative of today's open economy and with his vision and business perspective he has carved an admirable and enviable position for himself in the world of business. Making earning money easier for people Sachin is making earning money easier for people through his fresh and innovative approach on some of the key financial aspects. He is leading by examples and his knowledge in this sector is helping the poor become rich and the rich become richer. His journey is a tale of a man who had the courage to take risk when most people would withdraw; he gulped down failure to become a man who inspires many youngsters in the country.

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