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Sadhu Ratan Puri

Sadhu Ratan Puri had been a Sadhu attached to Dariyav madi of Sri Niranjani Naga sanyasy Akhada in Haridwar. His maiden name is different. His qualifications include a post graduation in banking and a qualified membership in Professional Risk Manager's International Association. He is a believer in single supreme God in Nirakar that is without any particular form or attributes. Some readers may initially feel the author is trying to tilt towards another religion by speaking about formless God. No; but formless God is the truth and is substantiated in this book. The author is a firm supporter and believer of Advaita Vedanta and personally took the path of material sacrifice to seek and experience this knowledge. The author feels such a book is necessary seeing many places of worship being commercialized. It started with a few rich who are willing to pay for special treatment and ticket in places of worship but today the new generation employees too have added to the band wagon of ticket buying worshippers. Some most reputed Jyotir Linga temples and even the greatest Vishnu temples sell tickets as if they are a multiplex theatre.

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