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Samar Ballav Bhoi

I Samar Ballav Bhoi, Asst. Prof in Computer Science, M.A (Math), MCA, B.Ed., M. Tech (Comp. Sc), MBA (Ex), PhD continuing, Asst. Prof. Jhadeswar +3 Sc. Degree College, Balasore, Odisha, I have completed B.A in Mathematics, M.A in Math at Fakir Mohan College, Balasore, Odisha, and MCA from IGNOU, Govt. B.Ed. in Balasore, M. Tech Computer Science at Fakir Mohan University, Balsore, Odisha, I have 15 years’ experience in Computer Science and Mathematics, My special subject is mathematics like Discrete Math, Numerical Methods, Operation Research, Probability & Statistics, Real Analysis, Calculus & Algebra, AI, DBMS, Computability theory, Compiler Design, ADA, Computer Graphics, Computer Architecture etc. in BSc, BCA and MCA level of teaching. Finally I want to express my love and appreciation to my wife (Principal) Jayanti, for her patience and encouragement throughout the time I was writing this book. Before ending I would like to apologize to my family members and my son Sattwik, Daughter Sikruti who was preparing for CBSE (Son), for spending no time with him being engaged in this assignment.

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1. A Text Book of Logic and Sets - Skill Enhancement Course CBCS Pattern (Academic) View Store

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