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Sateesh Kumar Srivastva

The writer, Satish kumar Srivastav was born in a remote village of "Arwal" in Bihar. He spent his childhood in extreme poverty, He grew up struggling and watching the strugglers around him. Now his mind is all preserved by the thought and prayer that may All live happily with the grace of god. Even from his childhood he kept on participating in social activities and tried to help the society. As the book name suggests, the writer is like a small lamp, no matter where he is but where-ever he will be he will be spreading light in the darkness. He thinks that in this scientific era nor even can we neglect this thing that with increment in financial stability and work load we're getting un - touched by the spirituality, where the balance between both must be in equilibrium. With all these thoughs the writer is presenting to the world his collection of 24 poems, the book, "Nanha Diya".

Books Released

1. Nanha Diya - Bhavnaon Ki Bhent: Kaavy Sanklan (Poetry) View Store

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