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Satya Kishore Nigam

Satya Kishore Nigam, (the author of the present book 'Atikarn') was born in a middle class Hindu family in Kanpur City of Uttar Pradesh. But the family had a higher level of sense of honesty, duty, humbleness, simplicity, spirituality, self dependence, self respect, love for literature and progressive thoughts than the average level of the class. These characteristics are deeply rooted as inheritance in the author's personage. Though considered a brilliant student, he, in his early adulthood, accepted a job in judiciary, due to his family's financial circumstances. Two years later, he joined the Allahabad Bank and succeeded to be a Certificated Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers. To his misfortune, he lost his wife when the three children were within the age of 5 years. Rest of his life expended in singly nursing, maintaining, educating and establishing in life his children. He retired in 2012 after which he decided to live a lonely life in a village helping people, especially children and students in need. In 2004, he presented a book "Maun Ke Aayaam" which is a selected collection of his old poems. Since 2011, he is active on social media and is regarded as a genuine thinker and highly literary person. He is well versed with philosophy, Hindi, English and Sanskrit languages and literature and is highly interested in global mythology, ancient history, psychology and science. Address: - Satya Kishore Nigam, E-704/10, Avas Vikas No.1, Kalyanpur, Kanpur (U.P.), Pin- 208017, E-mail:-, Mob. Nos. 9839391865/6394384195

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