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Satyam Rai

Satyam Rai (veer), a debut writer who is renowned in writing stories and poem. He is studying in class 12, SER mixed school and he is of 17 years old only. In a small age he has written a very interesting novel which every individual should read, he passed his class 10 with a good grade from St Joseph school, ICSE board. He was born in Banaras and studied their only till class 4 but due to some issue he had to come to kharagpur, WB .He is known for his social services which he do in Kharagpur. This is his first publication and his first start deals with incredible and amazing novel. He has also written many poem which he would be published later. He start writing in class 9 with poems and this novel he start writing in mid of class 11 and he completed in 4 month only. He wants to thanks each and every individual person of his life who helped him by inspiring him and also a great thankful to them also who always do criticisms of him , their word help him as a challenge and in last, what he will get from this book, the maximum will go for the society and for the nation...

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1. True Love v/s Religion - Love Story of Aahil and Aahila (Fiction) View Store

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