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Satyendra Sonkar

Satyendra Sonkar (25 years) is a final year student of integrated biotech+MBA in Gautam Buddh University in Greater Noida (UP). This university is too beautiful and has great infrastructure. His home town is 900 hundred kilometres away in Deoria (the city of God) where the Aryans lived in the ancient times. It was part of the Kosala kingdom with ancient Aryan culture and is surrounded by the Himalayas in the north. The ancient history is related with the Ramayana, when lord of Kosala, Ram appointed his elder son Kush as the king of Kushwati, which is present day Kushinagar. And his village, Rudrapur, is famous for a Shiva temple. There have been many archaeological searches. Different types of ancient ornaments and gold were found. Satyendra loves his village and his home town and also loves his parents. He spends the rest of his time by either thinking news ideas or listening to music. Love is the basic unit of life. Without love and humanity, the earth is nothing..." Satyendra loves nature. His ardent request is to Save nature and love humanity...

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1. My First Girlfriend Nature (Fiction) View Store

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