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Saurabh Dutta

As a Bengali story-writer, the name "Saurabh Dutta" is quite a familiar one to the readers of PRASAD, one of the oldest Kolkata-based commercial magazines, and also to the literature-savvy readers of popular little magazines like PATHER ALAP, MUKUR, and MORAMER KATHA. Apart from these few magazines in which he writes in regular intervals, his story-scripts got published occasionally in numerous other magazines including DESH, KISHORE BHARATI, PAROMA, RITWIK, EKMATRO, etc. Having authored around eighty published story-scripts in his short span of writing, he has the zeal of writing many more in the days ahead. Having spent his childhood days in the greenish North Bengal, he has widely used this area as the background plot in many of his story-scripts. His scripts usually happen to be the combined products of his restless imagination plus his unique style of composition. Through his valued writing, he is aiming to cement his place in Bengali readers' mind. Only time will say how far he succeeds in fulfilling his goal.

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1. Narider Satkahan (Fiction) View Store

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