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Seema H Dahiya

FROM THE AUTHORS DESK The saying goes……'BOOKS ARE THE BEST FRIEND OF A PERSON' I am trying to create that best friend for ourselves. About the AUTHOR….. Author Mrs. SEEMA H DAHIYA is a resident of Delhi, India. Born on 14 January 1986 as the eldest daughter of Mr. Sahib Singh Saini and Mrs. Kanta Saini, she has a great urge to read and write stories, poems and novels. She is a teacher by profession. She is M.A. (ENGLISH), B.ED. One of her poetry book was recently approved by the Hindi Academy (selected in the competition organized by the authority) for publication. She is a versatile writer and holds command over both languages (HINDI AND ENGLISH). This book is a fiction novel but also contain some of her poetic talent. One can easily relate to the story with its simple language and heart touching words…….

Books Released

1. Refulgent - The Beauty of Running Times (Fiction) View Store

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