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Shashikant Kumar

Dr. Shashikant Kumar was born in a simple living middle class family of Bihar. He is a master prescriber in the field homoeopathy. Author felt positive response for homoeopathic medicine system from his childhood. This medicine system played a great role in his life. His curiosity and interest had been continued up day by day. During his education, he studied many books of homoeopathy. He decided to give his best in the development of homoeopathy. With his experience, he practiced more and more and got success to treat many severe diseases i.e. cancer, kidney failure, liver failure etc. His study, in the benefit of homoeopathy, is continued. He tried to combine homoeopathy medicine system to modern one. He tried to turn this system in to a perfect medicine system combining therapeutic structure, laboratory and non-laboratory investigation. His clinic is situated in a rural area, where there are only poverty and illiteracy. A lot of patients are found their due to this reason. He took a great step to write this literature in his busy schedule. The main aim to write this literature is to combine traditional homoeopathy medicine system and modern medicine system. To make the book up-to-date, the author tried his best. It is my hope, that this book will be a useful literature for practitioners and students. Eng. S.N. Ram, Retd. Superintending Engineer, Minor water resources dept. (Govt. Of Bihar)

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1. Homoeopathic Galaxy - (A Perfect Medicine Book, Based On Medical Laboratory And Imaging Investigation) (Academic) View Store

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