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Shefali ‘Shef’

Just another teenager among millions, 17-year-old Shefali Yadav, or otherwise known as 'Shef' by friends, grew up to be passionate for the creative side. Poetry, in her life, took a serious turn at the age of 15 after discovering that beside dancing, making the words dance with her can help her escape her troubles as well. She moves her words in a manner that would make the reader feel like the words are dancing with her, and the sentences, a new form of dance. According to her, the people we meet are like books in our personal bookshelf. With each one, lies a unique story of different genre. For her, writing is not a medium only to impress others, but to express the different chaos of emotions she experiences at different times with different people. In her words, "I don’t control the moment about what and when to write. The moment takes over me."

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1. My Kaleidoscopic Journey (Poetry) View Store

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