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Shipra Verma

The book "Chhappan Bhog" is the brain-child of Prof. Shipra Verma, who herself is a renowned poet and has published books in both English and Hindi earlier with much success. In this volume of Hindi poems, she has brought in several different poetesses from various fields and engineered this collection titled "Chhappan Bhog"! The other poetesses belong from varied streams of knowledge. Their names are Dr. Kusum Vishwakarma, Dr. Usha Singh, Dr. Shikha Tejaswi 'Dhwani', Namita Verma, Shubhra 'Pearl', Naima Imtiyaaz 'Shamma', Najma Akbaani 'Mobh', Pramila Singh, Archana Singh and Pratibha Pande - about eleven poets are there in this book! Most of these intellectual women have been penning their thoughts since a very, very long time but occupied with their daily jobs could not publish a collection earlier. Some like Naima Imtiyaaz and Najma Akbani have printed books of their own earlier. The collective energy of all these writers have made "Chhappan Bhog" a super special and unique book!

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