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Showkat Ahmad Parray

The author/ poet hails from a naturally well placed and scenic habitation known as Jablipora. It is in adjacency to the township, Bijbehara which is epitheted “The Town of Chinars” and which had been a great centre of knowledge, intelligentsia and politics in the medieval age. Born in a family of agri-farming background, he developed a sharp tendency towards nature and an inquisitiveness to enquire into various secrets of it at an early age in teens. Combining such natural conduciveness with the literary wit of his father; who has been a devout follower of Kashmiri language folklore, oral traditions and mystical poetry, the author got a high end intellectual nourishment required for such literary dispositions as diverse poems in English language. This gave an extra edge, extra fancy hustings and an extra canvas to paint on the worldly experiences using the linguistic ‘Sign, Signifier and the Signified’. He interacts with the natural realities and appreciation of their beauty comes off as easily as the welling of water. The author has undergone a diverse and prospective literary journey from Student Editor of the College Literary Magazine to the Authorship of this poetry anthology. The poet is a scholar in English language and literature. He is a teacher by profession. He has published his write-ups in many journals and magazines including the one, The Criterion; an international journal. He has won various commendations for participation in literary and other competitions including AWR Story Contest, National Children’s Science Drama Competition many years ago.

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1. Catchy Colors - An Anthology of Poetry (Poetry) View Store

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