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Simarpreet Singh Chandhok

Simarpreet Singh Chandhok is a software developer currently working at Xavient Information Systems. He is a programmer by day and writer by night. When he is not writing he loves to dance, learn new languages, host events and blog. He graduated from Sharda University with Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science. He helps people as an active listener at 7cups twice a week. He appreciates the singularity and beauty of being oneself. His family lives in a different town, which are a major support to his talents. He loves to watch Netflix at his lone time. He is the Founder Member of Computer Science Society of his college and acted as a Board Member of college's dance society (2016-2017). His favorite actor is James Spader who inspires him for best portrayal of emotions through speech. He values living for the moment, than life. He believes there is a much more work to be done for humanity than any religion.

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1. Adolescence - A Lost Glance (Fiction) View Store

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