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Sivarajasingam Mahendran, English Teacher - Lecturer- Literacy Trainer – Counsellor - Motivational Speaker EdD, cum laude, MSoc.Sc, BA, Dip.PCCG, Cert..Ed, Cert.PE, Cert.Psy FA, Cert, Pos.Psy, Adv Cert in Training and Assessment, Assoc. Member of Singapore Assn of Counselling, Hon. Member of the International Society of Poets English Teacher - Lecturer- Literacy Trainer – Counsellor - Motivational Speaker Dr. Siva Mahendran is a professionally qualified counsellor, a workplace literacy trainer for the Workforce Development Agency and also a Sessional English lecturer in an Australian university based in Singapore since mid-2015. He has been in the education field since the early 1980s and taught in primary and secondary schools, private colleges and tertiary institutions for over 30 years. He has also been counselling and giving talks and workshops on socio-emotional matters to children, youth and adults from all walks of life, on an ad hoc basis, in schools, private establishments, the Singapore Indian Association, etc. since 2000 and has run counselling courses up to Masters level in various private colleges and tertiary institutions. He has been engaged from time to time in conferences, discussion forums via radio and television programmes in Singapore such as Ethiroli, Oli 96.8 FM channel, Starhub's Vannathirai Channel's Neengalum Pesalaam; among others. Having acted in an English drama (Fast Forward programme in late 1980s) to promote the English language and also in two Tamil dramas about familial socio-emotional issues in Mediacorp's Vasantham channel (Singapore) has kept his passion alive in academia viz a viz English language and counselling psychology and kindled his aspiration for life-long learning.

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1. A Qualitative Study of the Impact of Counselling Psychology in Adult Education in Motivating to Promote the Speaking Skills of Non-Native Adult Speakers of English (Academic) View Store

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