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Smithaa M Chaturvedi

Science to faith isn't a journey for Smithaa, because for her they are two sides of the same coin. A Master's Degree in Zoology acquainted her with the workings of physical bodies, and interactions with spiritual masters led to her understanding of higher realms. The subtle connection between the two is a source of fascination for her. This fascination is the reason for her absorption of any knowledge that the Almighty chooses for her. Her journey began as a lecturer, then a corporate professional and later an entrepreneur. However, her quest for something more meaningful and deeper moved her towards spiritualism and healing. She trained and certified as a Reiki Master, Professional Coach following ICF Competencies, Soul Coach, Shamanic Practitioner, Tarot & Angel Card Reader, Pendulum Dowsing Trainer, Aura Cleanser & Energizer, Chakra Healer & Aligner, Curejoy Expert. She then founded "Divine Vibrations" - a platform which is dedicated to helping individuals in eliminating stress and dealing with depression, trauma, losses & death. They assist in manifesting goals, building joyous relationships, clearing karma and increasing the emotional & spiritual quotient. Divine Vibrations also conducts workshops, seminars and group meditation meet-ups for corporates and individuals.She has been the Chief Editor of a magazine. She has been recently interviewed by Radio One as a Women of Strength. She has received prestigious awards like "The Women of Worthiness" award for Reiki and life coaching, and "ISHMA global award" for Clairvoyance and Shamanic healing. She is also a Kathak dancer, writes poems and blogs, does adventure sports and solo trips.

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1. My Soul Musings - Redefining the Defined (Non-Fiction) View Store

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