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Soumen Ghosh

Soumen Ghosh is an author, blogger and internet visionary; this is his third published book. He has previously published two other books that are helpful resources into the world of online freelancing and business opportunities. Soumen's first book, "Making Money Online" published by Pustak Mahal has demonstrated to thousands of readers how articulate his advice is. His second book "Career & Opportunities in Freelancing" was published by Diamond Books. The book remains a powerful resource for educated, passionate netizens in improving their financial standings. His work specifically focuses on exploration of various Internet opportunities for the average person. This book is a collection of the knowledge and experiences he amassed in the past few years. The author gained all the information through his own experience as well as communications with other successful social media marketer. As a blogger, Soumen is able to reach a world-wide audience and this latest book is being provided with enough insight so that everyone is able to achieve their goals with social media. Readers who seek to know more about him and his work may visit his website.

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1. Social Media Success - Strategies to Mastering Your Business or Brand (Non-Fiction) View Store

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