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Sowmya Ramkumar

Sowmya Ramkumar has set for and compiled this collection of crosswords in which, 31 different setters from 5 geographical areas (US, UK, Middle East, India and Singapore) have collaborated. Sowmya is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and independent financial consultant based in the Middle East (Bahrain). She runs the blog ( and the Facebook group 1ACross, where seasoned cruciverbalists interact while setting and solving clues. Sowmya used to set weekly themed crosswords for Cat.a.lyst (part of The Hindu Business line), which were published for over two years, until 2016. She has also set for "The Preston Pages", a UK publication, under the pseudonym "Hypatia". Her interviews have been featured in online blogs such as Crossword Unclued and Paws for Puzzles. In addition to setting, Sowmya is also an avid solver since childhood and was a finalist in the last three editions of the Indian Crossword League. An excellent orator, she has conducted several quiz competitions in Bahrain. In her free time she loves listening to music and reading, being an ardent fan of P.G. Wodehouse and Lewis Carroll.

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1. Cryptic Crossroads - Crosswords from 1across.Org (Third Anniversary Issue) (Non-Fiction) View Store

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