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Sumana Samanta

Sumana Samanta, a commoner had a very big fight between her inner self and her unique stories, new ideas and exclusive concepts which used to haunt her every time, conquering her two most important and active 'H' parts of her body, Head and Heart. After schooling, she went to college for her bachelor's degree in chemistry. But the imaginations, kept disturbing her continuously. She ignores it. And after completion of MSC she did B.ED. But this time also, stories and concepts did not leave her. She decides to make a special room for them (unique stories, new ideas and exclusive concepts) in her head and in her heart also so that they can stay there happily and give her some peace and space at least. But they didn't want to stay there and she starts shaping her imaginations. And Bloody Loser is her very first creation.

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