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Sunny King

I have been an avid reader of crime fiction for a long time. I have read all of Sherlock homes stories while I was still in school. He was my idol throughout my school and college life. I had always fantasies about how Sir Arthur Conan Doyle must have felt when he created Sherlock. It's a feeling that mesmerizes me still. After having a brief career in Navy and then being self-employed for a decade. I have realized that I am still missing something in life and it was my passion for writing. Writing stated for me quite early in my life but it took me years of hard work and immense dedication to reach this stage, along with mammoth challenges and innumerable hurdles. I finally succeeded in getting my dream to you. It's just not a book for me but my heart, mind and soul squeezed out for you. I must honestly confess my book is fiction genre but it has deep roots in facts and many happenings in my life. I leave for you to decide and judge between facts and fiction. The book happens to be a significant part of my life. My protagonists are very much a part of me in all aspect. At the same time they are result of my experience and imaginations. A merger of fact and fiction created just for you. Finally you matter the most to me thus feel free to get in touch with me. If you have any suggestions, ideas or comments write to me at I will glad to hear it from you.

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1. The Adventure Of The Bengal Tyger-The Napoleon Secret (Fiction) View Store

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