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Surbhi Anand

I am surbhi… the youngest daughter of my mother mrs "mamta tiwary" residing at ara city of bhojpur, district of bihar, which is 60kms away from patna. I was born on 19 april 1991.i have done post graduation in chemistry and preparing for competitive exams. Along with regular creative writing. I also deeply interested in music and paintings. Being a responsible citizen… I don't like gender discrimination. I deeply believe in humanity… and try to express the same from my poetry. A number of my poems has been published in hindi and english… and it has been appreciated at national and international level… I have been highly honored… one e-book of mine is also being published with the title "my resolute voice" . This is my second book. I am… myself the expression of truth, kindness and peace… and express the same from my poetry. I hope that the youngster like me would get your love and blessings.

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1. Bhavnao Ka Atma Manthan (Poetry) View Store

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