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Surinder Kansala

Dr. Surinder Kansala is a renowned chest and critical care physician at Super specialty hospital Bathinda, Punjab (India). He has done his MBBS and MD in pulmonary medicine at Government medical college Patiala, Punjab and his Diploma in critical care medicine (IDCCM) at Apollo hospital, Chennai (India). During his clinical practice, he felt that there are many problems between the doctor and patient relationship which needs to be corrected. He has the opinion that only realistic awareness among the medical professionals and the society can expand harmonic relationships among doctors and patients and this is possible by increasing the understanding of medical facts and social concerns altogether simultaneously on the healthcare issues. He is an excellent writer who has published his first book on global happiness (MILLION WINGS: The wings of happiness; Human happiness, human ways) which is appreciated all around the world. His sole intension to write this special book is to raise the medical related issues in relation to social concerns and to find satisfactory solutions to harmonize the healthcare services in the society.

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1. Winning Health Together - Strengthening Doctor - Patient Relationship (Non-Fiction) View Store

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