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Swapna Patil

This is Swapna Patil, who loves travelling and never mind investing time for me. Its takes courage to try new places every time and I would never like to visit the same place twice. Meeting strangers across the world and knowing their story when you are travelling is the best part of travelling. Writing is not just a hobby for me, I breathe through words. I not only aspire to become a storyteller; I aspire to inspire the lives who live for themselves. Everyone live the life but only few make it the remarkable. By profession I work for Infosys and for passion I play with words. I pen down this story to set an example for love, friendship and life. Your Dreams kept me Alive is for the people who believe in love, friendship and live life with such people. You may forget my words but I bet you, you could never forget the way I made you to feel through my stories. I am super exited to share my story with you, are you?

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1. Your Dreams Kept Me Alive - Dream Without Doubts (Fiction) View Store

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