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Syed Arif has mixed bits and pieces of his own life in this novel. Most of the story is fictional and is written only for entertainment and reading purpose. It is not meant to hurt any person/ religion whatsoever as the author himself is a strong believer of all religions and understands the sensitivity of hurting one's religion or person; dead or alive. This is his second story, and his first novel will soon be released which too is based on a dream he had on 11 April 2016 @ 2:30 AM IST. Syed is the third among four of his brothers, his father is involved in real estate business and mother is a homemaker. He's the father of a 2 year old girl and his wife too is a homemaker. Syed had a serious financial issue which inflicted him to borrow money from some quick loan applications named PayMe India, CASHe and ReBase for his family expenses as after being separated from his parents, all his salary was consumed in recovering his house, paying advance, printing this novel etc. Please send in your valued feedback to me on email-id:

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1. Did You See My Family? - They've Been Missing Since Past Two Years! (Fiction) View Store

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