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T Balakrishna Bhat

T Balakrishna Bhat graduated and obtained his PhD from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras and worked as a scientist at DMRL, Hyderabad and JPL, Pasadena. He is a Fellow of the National Academy of Engineering. Dr Bhat has been a recipient of several awards for his professional contributions and has published several research papers in international journals and also patented some of his inventions. He has published few books such as "Explosive compaction of powders and composites", "Composite Armour Materials and Modules", "Disunity or Unity?", "Gita in 5 Minutes", "Engineering Our Way to Wealth", "Science for Babies", "Engineering for Babies", "Morals and Philosophies by Babies", "Pit to Peak", "Timely from The Timeless", "Sprouts of Wonder".

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1. Wealth of Mankind (Non-Fiction) View Store

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