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T S Ravi Kanth

I am an engineer both by education and profession. Engineering is an exciting field of science which teaches a person how things work. I have visited many diverse countries like USA, France, Spain, Japan, Egypt, China, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Malaysia, and England etc. and worked on many technology intensive industries like Automobile Manufacturing, Steel Plants, Power Plants and Aviation. I have an interesting mix of technical know-how due to my education as an engineer, extensive travel and work experience. This mix has motivated me to write a book on “Hard Science Fiction “. Technology is my passion and the only thing which makes me emotional is technology. I have tried to express my passion through my emotion hence the book is all about the best of technologies that exist on earth with some imagination. Since childhood none of the science fiction movies or books ever satisfied my hunger, the reason being all the subjects had one technology or scientific reasoning at the core and rest of the narrative was full of literary descriptions of places, relationships and emotions. That’s why from the beginning I knew, if I ever become an author I will not write traditional literature. In life I would like to pursue my passion of writing. I would like to become a full time author. My dreams depend on the success of this one book I have written. I have invested significant time and effort in researching the content of this book, just to make sure my readers are not disappointed.

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1. The Celestial Percussion - Imagination Is The Only Limitation (Fiction) View Store

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