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Udit is currently working as an IT professional in an MNC in PUNE. He has a strong affection towards Wildlife and is equally passionate about his first love Cricket. After a couple of years of the IT job, he realized that something was missing somewhere. Books always attracted him from the childhood days and on one fine day; he realized that this is it! He had to write this story. That was the eureka moment! Inspired by the real events, most of which happened in his engineering life in Jaipur and US, he decided to type down his old diary pages. He wrote and completed most of the stuff on his way to the office during the daily commute in cabs. The completion journey was not an easy one but by the combination of willpower and the never-ending motivation from his sister Shikha, the diary pages finally got converted to this book. Starting from a small diary writing practice to penning down his first book, it was a dream comes true!

Books Released

1. The First Girlfriend and The Last Boyfriend (Fiction) View Store

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Contact Email: udit@educreation.in
Social Media: epauthors.com/profile/udit