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Vaibhav Soni

"I think there is no benefit if you just READ science start EXPLORING it" One day at school my friend told me about Stephen hawking future theory and his lines that there is no GOD and i start thinking over it very deeply a time came when for me real world was disappeared and new imaginary world was in front of my eyes suddenly i realize that it is type of a dimension which is perpendicular to other three dimensions that is 4th dimension then i start relating this with his theory actually i believe in GOD and SCIENCE then only i was to build up this file. I want to thank those people who make me feel that ( I can't do anything! I am just an average last bencher) but my school principal always taught me that last benchers are ₹great visionaries ₹. I too want to thank to those who make me realize that even a last bencher can THINK."

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