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Varsha is a research scholar turned writer and worked as a freelancer. She is the wife of a very supportive husband and mother of two adorable children. She is an active member of an online storytelling community and her readers are the biggest strength after her family. This July born author is straight forward and outspoken when required but most of the times, she lives in her shell of knowledge and imagination. When she is not writing fiction or blogs, she likes to play with her little ones and read articles on Facebook. New concepts, invention, and technology fascinate her and she tried to use them as much as possible. A die hard romantic by nature, this girl likes to surprise her life partner and friends on special occasions. Writing is her passion and reader's appreciations are her driving force. She has spent four years in writing this piece of fiction and she is glad that readers of her online community enjoyed reading it as much as she enjoyed writing it.

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1. Secret of the East - The Journey Begins (Fiction) View Store

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