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Vijay Kumar Singh

I was born in Pratapgarh of Uttar Pradesh. After completing my primary education in Pratapgarh I came to Allahabad for my higher education, but I had to come to Lucknow for technical education after one year. After completing my technical education in Lucknow I came to Delhi in search of job. From that time till today I have been working in different organization. Although I took technical education and I have been associated with machines yet I liked writing poetries. By the passing of time my hobby of writing poetries continued like this and one day a thought came in my mind that why not to write something which could impart some moral education to the children. With that thought I decided to write a book for children and I named the book "Aaoo Seekhen Jungle Se". This book is dedicated to all the children who have the liabilities on their shoulder to take our nation ahead.

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