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Vikash Kumar

(Propounder of the "mind converting matter" in life since two decades) Mr. Vikash Kumar, a mindfulness coach, is well known with the name "ForeZorba" in the field of management training through his various articles and columns along with consulting. His work as a Banker by occupying a Management position in a PSB (Govt. of India) has enabled him to work on his view of 'train the trainer'. He is a voracious reader, ceaseless thinker and an ardent writer and in his restricted time, he uses his view to extend his help to maximum people. Following a disparate interest and having life flow towards helping intellectuals, he is into Development Consulting and a Strategist Counsellor. At very tender age he was youth counselor in Bangalore and dealt successfully in relationship counselling. Where his clients used to come with an awe and goes with a wow. His level of humility is tremendous due to which he connects with people swiftly. ForeZorba features in various forums of astrology and meditation. His approach in remedial astrology with his theme of mind converting matter has been remarkably helpful to people. Where for healing people he took help from his area of interest which covers subject of Mathematics, Psychology, Astrology and Alternate Therapy. His penned down thoughts has got place in various magazines across the world in the segment of personal development, corporate training, meditation, spirituality and astrology.

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